Which European regions have the best quality of government? – Regional Policy


The European Quality of Government Index (EQI) captures average citizens’ perceptions and experiences of corruption, quality and impartiality of three essential public services – health, education and the police – in their region of residence.

The fourth edition of the European Quality of Government Index – EQI 2021 – compares all regions in the EU and tracks their progress since 2010. This comparison allows us to see that some regions have stable scores in the time, while others exhibit interesting trends.

In an effort to try to draw policy lessons on how to improve the quality of government (QoG) in regions over time, the evolution of some regions with an interesting pattern was further investigated. We investigated possible explanations for these patterns taking into account their socio-economic historical context.

It is not just quantitative data from regional surveys – rich qualitative research based on interviews with key local state-holders complements key findings for researchers and policymakers.

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