Victoria Commercial Bank reaps the rewards of good preparation

Captain Victoria Celia Okumu’s team play against Stanbic Bank during the 36th Interbank Sports Competition in Nairobi. October 20, 2022. [Jonah Onyango, Standard]

The Victoria Commercial Bank (VCB) women’s basketball team have already set their sights on the trophy despite their early appearances at the Kenya Institute of Bankers Interbank Sports, which is now in its 36th edition.

The preparation and efforts to lift the cup have already started to show after VCB won their second match 40-20 against group favorites Stanbic yesterday morning at Absa Gymnasium in Ruaraka, Nairobi.

The VCB also won their opener 42-15 against the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) on Wednesday night in a match in which Michele Otinda scored a game with ten points for the winners as Jackline Kioni replied with nine baskets for the losers.

Keep fit

“These hard-earned victories are the result of our two months of training before the tournament,” VCB captain Celia Okumu told Standard Sports.

“We started our preparations much earlier at Upperhill School. We used the whole month of August and September to refine our body and keep in shape, we also worked on our mental strength.

“I’m happy that I was able to perfectly execute everything we planned and practiced on the training ground in the game,” Okumu said.

The skipper indicated that the two wins put them on the right track as they aim to crush other big wigs like Equity, Co-Op and KCB Banks who have been named tournament favourites.

“In our group, we felt that I&M and Stanbic are the worthy opponents, we have already taken down Stanbic, the next step is for I&M to feel our courage,” Okumu stressed.

Okumu reiterated that she was confident her teammates would pick up wins in their final group matches.

“We are a very quick team on the pitch, that’s one of our strengths,” Okumu said.

“Our team is also made up of very young players, that means we are very agile on the pitch, we have speed, we run well and I’m happy with our ball handling.”

CBK captain Srina Adhiambo said her team did not regret the loss to VCB and instead said the game provided them with a perfect opportunity to mingle and network with their rivals.

“We bankers are like a family, we enjoyed the clash at the same time related to our opponents,” Adhiambo said.

Adhiambo, who is also in charge of the Kenya Institute of Bankers basketball line, said his team had the opportunity to know their strengths and weaknesses in the clash.

“From there we will correct our weaknesses before our next game against Stanbic on Sunday.

“Our main loss in the match was not being able to come back in time to recover after losing our balls, which is what our opponents capitalized on to win the match,” she said.

At the same time, Adhiambo commended Interbank Sports for their ability to promote harmony and unity within the banking sector.

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