URBACT IV: European Union support for cities – Regional policy


The URBACT IV program was officially adopted by the European Commission on September 19, 2022.

This European Territorial Cooperation program will help cities to tackle green, just and digital transitions, through networking, capacity building and knowledge building activities. The aim is to promote integrated sustainable development in cities, improving city policies and improve the effectiveness of cohesion policy in cities.

The URBACT IV program will also allow support transnational networks to improve the capacity of European cities at:

  • co-design and implement integrated action plans related to common challenges of sustainable urban development;
  • adapt and reuse established good urban practices; and
  • design investment plans to replicate elements of innovative urban actions.

URBACT and the European Urban Initiative will work together to provide a coherent offer to urban actors and support for cities for their integrated and sustainable urban development within the framework of cohesion policy.

For the first time in the program, beneficiaries will include cities from 5 IPA countries (Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, Republic of North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina). The specificities of IPA cities participating in URBACT will be addressed through a dedicated needs analysis exercise. Cities will receive support related to the design of integrated action plans for sustainable urban development and will have the opportunity to share their experience with EU peers supporting the preparation of these countries for EU membership .

The the first URBACT IV call will open in January 2023. Cities and other entities that wish to join an action planning network will be invited to establish partnerships and send in applications within the following three months.

URBACT IV will also offer several tools to help cities, such as an online partner search tool that will help them find partners for their project or contact people with existing ideas. This platform will be launched on the URBACT website in October.

If you want to know more, join the European Week of Regions and Cities sessions entitled “Get ready for the new URBACT call for action planning networks! which will take place on the 11e from October 2022.

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