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You don’t have to be a big national bank to be successful.

Chino Commercial Bank has proven it. The local community bank has been recognized year after year as the “Super Premier Performing Bank” by the Findley Financial Institutions Reports.

According to Dann Bowman, President and CEO of Chino Commercial Bank, the bank continues to grow and is having an exceptionally strong year. “As of March 30, the bank has reached record levels of lending on deposits and total assets.” he said proudly.

Mr. Bowman attributes the bank’s success to a combination of many factors. First, “we are a real local community bank,” he said, noting that American Banker magazine recently recognized Chino Commercial Bank in its Top 200 community banks and listed economies in the world. country. “Of around 5,000 community banks across the country, being ranked 66th in the top 200 is especially gratifying. ” he said.

Chino Commercial Bank also received the “2019 Chino Valley Business of the Year” award by the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce.

“We were founded and organized in Chino,” continued Mr. Bowman. “We are owned by locals. Our clients own part of the bank.

When a bank’s profits stay in its community, it creates a stronger community, ”he said. He also noted that many of the original members of the bank’s board still sit on the board; and that bank employees are dedicated to serving the community and often sit on the boards of local community organizations themselves.

What sets Chino Commercial apart from other banks is the close relationship that exists between the bank and its customers. Some very large banks have gotten so big that their employees don’t have time to manage banking relationships with small businesses, Bowman said. “We are a small bank and are able to focus closely on the needs and challenges of our customers,” he said.

“We are committed to getting to know you personally and understanding your challenges and your banking needs,” he said. “You could say we’re an old-fashioned bank.

Our bankers not only know your banking needs, they will also know your name. And he added, “When you call the bank, someone will pick up and answer the phone. You don’t have to press many buttons or be directed to a service center.

Contact: Dann Bowman, Pres / CEO, (909) 393-8880

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