Siam Commercial Bank Public: Save on your electricity bills with the solar roof

SCB Saves Customers Money by Partnering with GUNKUL to Launch “Save Your Electricity Bills with Solar Roof” Campaign

With a strong commitment to design effective financial solutions for customers, Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) has partnered with Gunkul Engineering to invite home loans and general customers to install solar roofs to reduce their electricity expenses. in anticipation of the coming summer. Customers will benefit from special privileges, discounts on installation costs and free on-site surveys. SCB is convinced that this new solution will respond to the current lifestyles of people working from home and will promote the use of renewable energies for homes. Going forward, SCB aims to connect with partners across industries to create an integrated ecosystem and improve customer experience more than ever.

Speaking of the new collaboration, Siam Commercial Bank Senior Executive Vice President and Head of Retail and Corporate Banking Auraratana Jutimitta said: “In the context of the resumption of economic activities, SCB is committed to taking care of its customers with financial solutions supporting their liquidity. In addition to financial solutions, this year the Bank will strengthen its role in the development of engagement solutions to build closer relationships between the Bank and customers through connections with potential partners, aiming to provide customers with superior experiences.For our first project, we will be partnering with Gunkul Engineering PCL, a leading company providing energy services for over 40 years.As part of the collaboration, Gunkul Solar Community, or GRoof, an expert in the field of solar roofs, will be responsible for installing solar roofs and providing benefits for both to SCB home loans and general customers as part of a “Save electricity bills with the solar roof” campaign From March 1, 2022 to March 30 April 2022, you will receive a discount of up to 59,900 baht with free on-site survey services and a 2-year installation warranty. The campaign is launched in response to new lifestyles as more and more people work from home, including consumers looking to switch to renewable energy to reduce global warming. »

The Bank also offers payment options to customers who install solar roofs. For example, full payment via the SCB EASY app and all types of SCB credit cards, or payment in equal installments without increasing loan repayment charges with SCB Home Loan Top Up for SCB and My home loans. Home My Cash.* We anticipate that customers with electricity bills of 3,000 baht or more per month will be interested in these solutions as they can save them up to 60% per month on electricity costs. ** This will also help customers increase their revenue by selling any excess electricity to the grid. Gunkul will also act as a facilitator in coordinating with the government sector for customers using the service.

“Going forward, the Bank plans to expand cooperation with partners from various sectors to strengthen business ecosystems and maintain engagement between clients and the Bank. This is the way to conduct financial business in a sustainable way,” Auraratana concluded.

Naruchel Damrongpiyawut, COO of Investment Strategy and Innovation at Gunkul Engineering PCL and Director of one-stop solar roof installation service provider Gunkul Solar Community Co., Ltd. (GRoof) said: “Currently, solar rooftops are attracting more and more attention due to the problem of rising electricity bills, increasing demand for electricity during the COVID-19 pandemic and the growth of the electric vehicle market Gunkul sees energy consumption rising with the increase in the installation of electric vehicle chargers in homes and commercial buildings We believe the rooftop space customers have today can be expanded in useful areas to save on electricity costs and household expenses for homeowners or used to reduce operating costs for small and large contractors.It also produces clean energy in line with the trend of zero net carbon, solving long-term environmental problems.”

“This collaboration with leading financial institutions such as Siam Commercial Bank will provide accessible options to transform electricity users into power generators with solar rooftops through a wide range of financial services like paying installments with home loans, allowing customers to pay in a way that suits them best without having to place an initial lump sum investment.They can also leave the duty of designing, supplying equipment and installation to be managed by GRoof, which has experience in installing this type of projects for more than 200 households and is approved by many industries with a total installed capacity of more than 100 MW. The Company intends to push even further the habitat solutions intelligent by developing energy solutions considered to be complicated towards everyday domestic solutions. always prioritizing service standards, offering equipment such as solar panels and inverters from world-class brands for efficiency and safety.Our expert Gunkul Solar Community Engineering and Customer Relations teams are ready to advise and support customers throughout the clean energy transition process, including after-sales service.”

*The loan approval conditions are those specified by SCB.

**Monthly savings of up to 60% are calculated based on 200 real users monitored via the Huawei FusionSolar app. Monthly savings are based on the amount of electricity generated based on sunlight conditions, appropriate installation area, size of solar rooftop system, duration of electricity usage and other factors.

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