Shinsei Bank: Basic Agreement to Acquire Equity in Commercial Bank in Cambodia Established by Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank (198KB)


Company name: Shinsei Bank, Limited

Representative’s name: Hideyuki Kudo

President and CEO

(Code: 8303, TSE first section)

Basic agreement on the acquisition of a stake in a commercial bank in Cambodia

established by the Banque Militaire Commerciale par Actions

Tokyo (December 2, 2021) — Shinsei Bank will acquire stakes in a commercial bank (hereinafter referred to as “the new bank”) which will be established in 2022 by the Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank (hereinafter referred to as “MB” ), which is a large commercial bank in Vietnam, converted from its Cambodian branch. The basic declaration of mutual agreement was signed with MB on December 2, 2021.

The new bank will be established by transforming the branch of MB Cambodia into a local company, then Shinsei Bank will invest up to 49% of the stakes in the new bank. By providing digital financial services such as small unsecured loans online to the so-called unbanked people who have yet to receive banking service, in addition to the business lending companies and mortgages in which the MB branch Cambodia is currently engaged, we will help promote financial inclusion in Cambodia. Shinsei Bank has already successfully run MB Shinsei Finance Limited Liability Company in Vietnam, a joint venture with MB, and is developing services mainly for small batch unsecured loans by the joint venture. This is the second project with MB in Small Financial Firms for Individuals in ASEAN countries.

MB will establish a new bank in Cambodia in 2022 after approval by regulatory authorities in both Vietnam and Cambodia, etc., and Shinsei Bank will finalize the acquisition of stakes in 2023 after approval by regulatory authorities in Cambodia, etc.

[Overview of Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank]


Military commercial stock bank


MB building, n ° 18, rue Le Van Luong, Trung Hoa district, Cau Giay


District, Hanoi City, Vietnam


Le Huu Duc, President

Capital city

39 trillion Vietnamese dong (VND) (approximately 195.3 billion yen) (as

September 30, 2021)


November 4, 1994

Consolidated total

555 trillion VND (approximately 2.8 trillion yen) (as of September 30




Viettel Group (14%), State capital investment company (9%)


(as of December 31, 2020)

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