Nonprofit Coming to Town in September

SAN DIEGO (CNS) – The San Diego Foundation on Tuesday announced the launch of the San Diego Regional Center for Policy and Innovation, a non-profit organization dedicated to engaging government, business and philanthropy in new ways to improve the sustainability and long-term prosperity of the Diego region.

The center is intended to conduct research and recommend policy solutions to help local leaders attract federal and state funding and address regional issues such as improving infrastructure, creating jobs and generating money. other long-term socio-economic and environmental benefits.

The center will also “support the recovery from the cascading economic effects of COVID-19 and meet the needs of underserved communities by attracting funds and resources to the region,” a statement from the San Diego Foundation said.

“During the current COVID-19 crisis and past forest fires, community foundations have demonstrated their value in raising funds for a rapid response and recovery,” said Mark Stuart, President and CEO of the San Diego Foundation.

The Policy & Innovation Center will officially launch on September 27, when national, regional and local leaders – including John R. Allen, chairman of the Brookings Institution and Nathan Fletcher, chairman of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors – meet to share strategies and opportunities for the region to support multi-jurisdictional cooperation, attract new federal funds and become a national model for new partnerships.

The launch will be followed on September 28 by a day-long government and agency meeting including presentations from scholars from the Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program and working sessions to explore federal funding opportunities to meet local recovery needs and attract long-term public and private sector investment. regional priorities.

“This takes us one step closer to balancing our role as a community funder with our long-term vision as a community change agent for San Diego,” said Stuart. “For lasting systemic change, we must and will forge strategic public-private partnerships with philanthropy, government, business and others.

The organization will be advised by a government advisory board made up of members selected from the county and the 18 municipalities in the region, as well as the Association of Governments of San Diego, the San Diego Metro Transportation System, the Port of San Diego and the San Diego Airport Authority after 9/11. 28 summons.

“We are united in our commitment to develop effective, practical and equitable solutions to improve infrastructure, create stable and well-paying jobs and generate transformational social, health, economic and environmental benefits,” said Susan Guinn, President and Chief Executive Officer of the management of the innovation center. “We will use research and data as a catalyst to leverage federal and state funding that we as a region have rarely done with one voice.”

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