News: Commercial Bank restores banking services at seven branches in western Tigray

CBE Humera Branch is one of many branches reopened by the bank. Photo: CBE Humera Branch/2019Archives

Addis Ababa – The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia announced that it has restored banking services in seven branches in Western Tigray which is currently under the occupation of Amhara region, where services have been disconnected due to the war that has been going on for since two years.

The seven branches of the bank namely: Maikadra, Humera, Kafta, Aurora, Dansha, Adi Remits and Ketema Nigus which operated under Shire banking district before the war have now commenced their services under Gonder banking district of the CBE, Alsan Asefa, Corporate Communications director of the bank, Addis Standard.

He also pointed out that other branches in West Tigray including Maitsebri, Aikal and Adiherdi, Tekeze, Adi Goshu, Korarit, Setit and Adebai will soon be operational.

The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia has two banking districts in Tigray, namely Shire and Mekele, which operated 59 and 61 branches respectively under their auspices.

Alsan said work was underway to restore services in seven of the 61 branches in Mekele district, namely Koram, Hashengi, Alamata, Raya, Ansar, Juhan, Wajana and Tumuga under CBE’s Woldia banking district. He added that other branches of the bank, which were closed due to the war, will eventually resume service depending on the security situation on the ground.

The Ethiopian Federal Government signed a cessation of hostilities agreement with Tigrayan forces on 02 November, in South Africa, following AU-led negotiations to peacefully resolve the two-year war that has ravaged the regional states of Tigray, Afar and Amhara.

As part of the deal, the government pledges to restore basic services, including banking and communications, which have been disconnected since the Tigrayan forces took control of the regional capital Mekelle in June 2021.

Ambassador Redwan Hussain, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s national security adviser tweeted on Friday saying that “services are reconnected, the deal just provides opportunities to improve services.”

The Ethiopian Electric Utility announced last week that electricity has been restored in areas stretching from Alamata in southern Tigray to Kobo in the northern Wollo area of ​​the Amhara region. AS

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