New year – new resolutions – involve young people in cooperation! – Regional Policy


Building on the Youth Manifesto developed last year, a checklist has been developed to help public authorities, project beneficiaries and members of macro-regional strategies to include young people in cooperation activities.

2022 is the European Year of Youth. One of the aims is to involve young people more in EU activities. DG REGIO, and in particular the Interreg programs and macro-regional strategies, are well placed to achieve this.

In 2020, the Youth Manifesto for The involvement of young Europeans in the future of European territorial cooperation was developed together with young people from all over Europe. They express their ideas and visions on how young people can be included in Interreg programs and macro-regional strategies.

While it can be difficult to operationalize such recommendations, REGIO has developed the easy-to-use checklist Check the boxes: coop with young people! It gives clear guidelines on how to involve young people in territorial cooperation. By dividing each of the 12 recommendations in the Manifesto into several actions, it is easy for users to plan and track their progress on youth engagement.

If implemented, the checklist and manifesto will provide the basis for mutually beneficial involvement of young people in territorial cooperation. This will enable young people to actively shape the future of their region, and cooperation programs and strategies will receive new and creative inputs towards achieving their goals.

Get the checklist here and get your young people involved!

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