Long-term vision for rural areas: launch of the Rural Pact – Regional policy


The Commission is launching the Rural Pact, an initiative announced in its long-term vision for rural areas presented in June 2021.

The new pact aims to mobilize governments and stakeholders to act on the needs and aspirations of rural communities. It will provide a common framework to engage and cooperate between stakeholders at European, national, regional and local level. Vice-president suicaCommissioner Wojciechowski and curator Ferreira launched an open invitation to participate in the discussion on the Rural Pact. All interested parties are invited to express their commitment to the objectives of the vision and to participate in the development and implementation of the Rural Pact. The Commission will facilitate this framework with partners and networks, and encourage the exchange of ideas and good practices at all levels. Based on wide consultations with citizens and rural stakeholders, the long-term vision for rural areas in the EU identifies pressing challenges and highlights some of the most promising opportunities for these areas. With the support of the rural pact and the rural action plan deployed by the Commission, the long-term vision aims to make rural areas in the EU stronger, more connected, more resilient and more prosperous. By June 2022, stakeholders and actors can join the Rural Pact Community and share thoughts and ideas on its implementation and development. In June 2022, the high-level conference of the Rural Pact will be an opportunity to take stock of the commitments made and the ideas put forward and to define the next steps. More information online.

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