Khaleeji Commercial Bank BSC: KHCB annWith all big prizes worth more than 1.2 million BD ounces, the 2022 edition of the Al Waffer account

Khaleeji Commercial Bank (KHCB), one of the leading Islamic banks in the Kingdom of Bahrain, recently concluded the 2021 edition of the “Al Waffer” account with the announcement of the final grand prize winner, Ms. Walaa Tawfeeq Al Masqati , which won 250,000 BD. The raffle was held recently in the presence of representatives of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, the external auditor, the internal auditor and the head of retail banking.

KHCB also announced the details of the 2022 edition of Al Waffer, which will be exceptional in terms of prize size and total value, which exceeds 1.2 million BD. The Bank clarified that this year’s edition will feature big prizes, the first of which is the March 250,000 BD Grand Prize, while others throughout the year are worth 100,000 BD for the months of March. April, May, June, September, October and November, while the December Grand Prix will also be worth BD 250,000. Additionally, KHCB will continue to award exclusive prizes of 5,000 BD to “Al Waffer Club” members, starting this month until the end of the year. There will also be other surprise in-store announcements as part of Al Waffer’s marketing campaign.

On this occasion, the Head of Retail Banking, Mr. Abdulnasser Al Rayes, said “The 2022 edition of Al Waffer follows a series of successes achieved by the previous editions, in particular in 2021 which saw a unprecedented participation and resulting outstanding success of our customers’ loyalty and trust in this account, as it offers them the opportunity to win valuable prizes that help them achieve their dreams.Based on this, we We were very keen to increase the value of the prizes in 2022 to live up to their expectations.”

Mr. Al Rayes went on to say “The 2021 edition has also stood out for achieving a tangible increase in the number of members of the Al Waffer Club, due to the special privileges offered by this club and the exclusive raffles awarded to its members. Therefore, in this year’s edition, we have awarded an exclusive monthly prize of 5,000 BD to Al Waffer Club members. In addition, the Bank will continue to offer its customers the opportunity to benefit from the program “Double Points”, which offers all Al Waffer account holders double points to qualify for the sweepstakes, provided the amount invested is increased and no withdrawals are made from the account within 90 days from the date of the draw, allowing customers to increase their chances of winning our valuable prizes for this year.”

Al Waffer is an investment account compliant with the provisions and principles of Islamic Sharia, in which funds are invested based on the principles of “Absolute Mudarabah”. An account can be opened with a minimum amount of BD 500, which gives customers the chance to win one of many valuable prizes, where entry points are calculated for every BD 25 deposited into the account.

For more information, please contact the KHCB Call Center on 17 540054 or by visiting any of the Bank’s branches.

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