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This edition will aim to explore the opportunities offered by cross-border education in border regions.

Although European states generally have strong education systems, it is not always easy for citizens of border regions to have reliable access to quality education or opportunity benefit from excellent academic and research institutions located nearby. In some regions, the nearest educational institution may be on the other side of a national border, illustrating the need for a common European framework for cross-border education.

Apart from this, citizens who follow non-formal and informal education, including, among others, vocational education and training, could also benefit from the opportunities offered by a cross-border approach.

We will hear from the following speakers:

  • Jean-Pierre Halkin, Head of Unit, Unit D2 – Interreg, Cross-Border Cooperation, Internal Borders, DG REGIO, European Commission
  • Tine DelvaDeputy Head of Unit, Unit B1 – Higher Education, DG EAC, European Commission
  • Anne Thevenetdeputy director of the Euro-Institut Strasbourg-Kehl
  • Laura MattauschTri-national Master student in border studies, University of the Greater Region
  • Eniko Darabosproject coordinator, Bildungskooperationen in der Grenzregion (BIG) Austria-Hungary

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