Commercial Bank is hosting the first webinar for 2022 on June 20

In line with its strategy to provide customers with the best services and products and to fulfill its commitment to support the national development of Qatar by raising awareness and giving back to the wider community, the Commercial Bank will host its first webinar of the year on June 20. under the title “Communication in times of uncertainty – challenges or opportunities? “.
The webinar will discuss the importance of communication in “times of uncertainty” in light of what we have been through over the past two years, particularly in brand communications. With rapidly changing news cycles and the aftermath of Covid-19, we’ve assembled a panel of experts to share best practices and tips for communication and branding in these challenging times.

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The webinar offers participants the opportunity to hear from communication experts and get answers to the most frequently asked questions about communicating in a difficult environment and learn how to turn challenges into opportunities.
The webinar will also present the journey of the Commercial Bank and the methods of communication followed by the Bank, which respectively led to its recognition at the global level.
The speakers for this webinar will be:
Julian Treasure, Founder and Chairman of Julian Treasure Ltd, Hussain Ali al-Abdulla, Executive Managing Director, Chief Marketing Officer and Head, CB Premium Banking at Commercial Bank, Dr Boumediene Ramdani, Associate Professor (Innovation) at the Center for Entrepreneurship in Qatar University.
Al-Abdullah commented, “We are always on the lookout for unique opportunities that can benefit and support our clients, especially in times of uncertainty. This webinar, which allows our clients to access the best advice and expertise from the speakers, will also provide them with relevant information on how to communicate in a difficult climate and on how to build a constant communication strategy that helps brands to strive and achieve.Last update: June 11, 2022 6:33 p.m.

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