Commercial Bank backs decision to keep Qatar’s beaches clean

Commercial Bank, Qatar’s leading digital bank, participated in the “DEAP Qatar” initiative to keep Qatar’s beaches clean.
The Doha Environmental Actions Project, called “DEAP Qatar”, is a non-profit organization based in Qatar and operates with the aim of keeping Qatar’s beaches and deserts safe and clean.
Several governmental and private organizations have collaborated and joined forces with them in the effort to guard and maintain the country’s natural resources.
Being one of the leading banks in Qatar, and as part of its sustainable corporate social responsibility and Go Green initiative, the Commercial Bank organized a clean-up day for the Mesaieed region, where 30 employees signed up to do part of this incredible project.
The event took place on October 27 where employees came together and engaged in a thorough cleaning of the singing sand dunes in the Mesaieed area in a great display of teamwork. Antonio Gamez Munoz, EGM and Chief Risk Officer and Chairman of the Sustainability Committee of Commercial Bank expressed his joy saying, “Go Green is an initiative we have undertaken in line with our sustainability strategy to educate ourselves and the community on environmental care. The beach cleanup has a remarkable impact on the preservation of our environment and shows a great example of Commercial Bank’s commitment to corporate social responsibility in the Qatari community. As a leading bank, we owe it to ourselves to take the best and most effective measures to protect our environment for future generations”.
With this initiative, Commercial Bank continues to maintain its leadership position as one of the main contributors to Qatar’s sustainable future.

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